Membership Categories

Professional Membership

Professionals and managers responsibly engaged in the practice of human resource management or any of its directly related professions, or such individuals whose positions include the responsibility for the human resources program or any part thereof; or Individuals who provide public employment providing human resources related services such as college and high school placement officers and state employment commission professionals; or Faculty members of accredited colleges and universities engaged in the teaching of courses related to HR Management; or Owner, co-owner, or has the responsibility for the HR function of a business which offers a HR-related service or product for profit such as consultants, private employment or temporary agencies, leasing agencies, legal services, realtors, etc.. Annual dues for members of this class shall be determined by the Executive Committee and approved by the Heart of Texas Chapter of SHRM. Professional members may vote and hold office in the chapter.

General Membership

An individual who has a bonafide interest in the field of HR Management, but does not meet any other category of membership, such as an individual new to the area who has most recently held a HR position, or is seeking HR employment or an HR retired individual. A General Member is extended all courtesies of this Association, except the right to vote, hold office or chair committees. Dues for members of this class shall be the same as for the Professional Member.

Student Membership

An individual who is a full-time student actively enrolled in a degree program at an accredited college or university with a demonstrated interest in human resource management, personnel, industrial relations or other related field. A student member is extended all courtesies of this Association except the right to vote, hold office or chair committees. Dues are not paid by members of this class.

Corporate Discount Membership Program

This program is for companies with three or more employees that would like to be Heart of Texas SHRM members. This is a discount program in which each individual owns their membership rather than a corporate-owned membership. Volume discounts are as follows:

  • 3 to 5 employees - 10%
  • 6 to 10 employees - 15%
  • 11 to 20 employees - 20%

To get started, you must appoint one individual to be the Company Point of Contact (POC) for your employees. The POC should provide a list of participating employee's names and email address to Heart of Texas SHRM (hotshrm@gmail.com). HOT SHRM will then provide instructions directly to each employee about how to activate or renew their membership with the appropriate Discount. Unless otherwise noted, each person will be responsible for how they pay for their membership.  Membership will be activated or renewed upon receipt of payment.

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